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I just suck at writing. I had all these ideas for my blog and I would help share information and be a guide to others to seek new knowledge in regards to birth, and I fail. Life is so busy and overwhelming with kids at home, homeschooling, going to school full time, and everything else in the world. Life just seems….so intense for everyone right now. But I feel like I NEED some kind of update. I’m not doing a good job of documenting this pregnancy at all other than medically. No pregnancy journal, heck, i still haven’t finished the pregnancy journal from when I was pregnant with my son, let alone get to photo albums and baby books.

So for the inquiring minds who want to know, how is it going in pregnancy and doing all my own prenatal care? Splendid! Thanks for asking. I haven’t done a new set of vitals on myself since October, which I do need to get to, but I’m not in any rush. We’ve finally heard the baby’s heart beat. Invested in a fetoscope so we can listen any time we want, as long as the baby is in a good position. Baby’s heart rate was 150bpm, taken when I was 21 weeks. I weighed myself at 21 weeks as well and I was 114lbs, so I’ve had about a 12 pound weight gain so far. Much different from my first 2 pregnancies. I gained 60lbs each pregnancy and was huge from the start. I don’t know if its just the pregnancy difference, or that i eat better and no fast food at all or what.

I’ve been getting sometimes excruciatingly painful Braxton Hicks contractions going on now for several months. If I’m dehydrated or doing to much on my feet I get them. Only lying flat and rubbing my belly will help, as well as drinking more water. It’s made me have to leave places and go home to lie down sometimes. I’ve also started to develop pregnancy induced carpal tunnel again. I had it bad with my last pregnancy. The pads of my finger tips to my wrists hurt. I really need to get to a chiropractor but I had this weird thing with insurance going on and not sure what my insurance is and to lazy to make a phone call to figure it all out. Baby is hanging out super low and lying on my cervix so I’m having a lot of pelvic/pubic bone area pain and my hips hurt. Chiropractor would be a big help! Get on it Jessica!

The 20 week mark has also come and gone and we have done ZERO ultrasounds on this lil fetus. The risks of an ultrasounds are to great to get one simply to know the genitals of the baby. Ultrasounds are also notoriously inaccurate as well and have falsely identified defects as well as missed major defects, so we’ll just take this child as is. Joshua & I are very excited to find out who this child is once it is born. It just feels so much more exciting and special to have to wait. I look forward to that moment when the fetus is out and we can take a look and officially name our new child.

I’m looking forward to this birth with so much confidence. I just hope by then we will have an official place we can call home! I’m not happy about the idea of birthing inside the apt we live in now and have been at for about 5 years. Hopefully with my next update I can mention we’ve moved finally!