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I don’t know whether to address this blog as if I am speaking to friends, who know me, or if I should just assume everyone is new here? I also haven’t had a journal/blog since the days of deadjournal so I guess we’ll see how this goes. I have created this blog as a way to get away from Facebook and better organize the things I learn and things I want to share so others can learn.

I am also pregnant with my 3rd children, and the 3rd time is the charm. I am doing an unassisted pregnancy and unassisted childbirth this time around and have invited whomever to join me on this journey.

The name of the blog? Why, my lady parts are pretty fucking awesome, and the misadventures would be my children and things that go along with them.

So if you’re interested in evidence based maternity care and evidence based parenting practices accompanied with other health related topics, stick around, or bookmark me? Whatever is done in the blog world.